14th International Conference on Daoist Studies


Daoism and Literature: Myths, Stories, Novels, Poetry


May 20-24, 2021


Hosted by Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria

In Honor of Aleksandar Fedotov




Daoism in all its schools and dimensions has found vivid expression in literaturefrom the poetic format of the Daode jing through the fictional accounts in the Zhuangzi and the ecstatic poetry and mythology of the middle ages to extensive novels and alchemical poetry of late imperial China, continuing actively today. Both the doctrinal and experiential expression of Daoism in various literary genres and the adaptation of Daoist imagery and vision by literary masters deserve a great deal further study than undertaken to date. This conference aims to remedy this lack and invites scholars and practitioners from all over the world to share their expertise and engage in new and exciting exploration.


Chairs: Desislava Damyanova, Sofia University; Livia Kohn, Boston University

Sponsors: Sofia University, Daesoon Academy of Sciences, Three Pines Press

Standing Committee:

USA: Liu Xun, Robin Wang; China: Chen Xia, Sharon Small, Liou Tong-Miin; France: Adeline Herrou, Georges Favraud, Karine Martin; Germany: Friederike Assandri, Elisabeth Friedrichs


Lennert Gesterkamp, Utrecht University: “The Shanhai jing and the Roots of Daoist Sacred Geography”

Zornica Kirkova, Staatsbibliothek Berlin: “Daoism and Poetry in Early Medieval China”

Brigitte Baptandier, CNRS Paris: “The Lady of Linshui in Ming Novels”


Sessions: Four to five sessions of 45 minutes each will be scheduled for each day of the meeting, starting at 8 am US Eastern Time or 3 pm Bulgaria time.

Panels: Two 15-minute individual paper presentations or practice instructions will be arranged under a common theme but with separate Zoom invitations. Each set of three is followed by a brief break for video download and Zoom reset, then there are a few minutes of open discussion.

Languages: English and Chinese. Bilingual PPTs are encouraged.

Publication: All presentations will be videotaped and published on YouTube. By registering for the conference, you agree to having your presentation published.


To receive the full abstracts and Zoom links, send a request to register to <daoconf@gmail.com>

Zoom invitations: 18 May 2021 for 20 May, then daily, each two days ahead of the meeting

They will be published on this website and sent out via email