BNU is located northwest of the Beijing City center. The nearest subway stop (2 blocks south of campus, about 10-15 minutes' walk, or two bus stops, nos. 22, 88) is Jishui tan 积水潭 on Line 2. Here is the map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Beijing+Normal+University,



The main hotel on campus is the Jingshi Hotel http://www.ciae.bnu.edu.cn/service_1/index.html. RMB 500 (with BF buffet).You check in with your passport, make a deposit, then pay in RMB at check-out. It is right on the southeast corner of campus.



On Friday and Saturday, the conference will be held on the BNU campus, probably in the Main Library. Details to follow.

On Sunday and Monday, we are off-campus, transportation provided. Details to follow.