BNU is located northwest of the Beijing City center. The nearest subway stop (2 blocks south of campus, about 10-15 minutes' walk, or two bus stops, nos. 22, 88) is Jishui tan 积水潭 on Line 2. Here is the map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Beijing+Normal+University,



The Department is reserving rooms in two major hotels near campus, the Jingshi Hotel (http://www.ciae.bnu.edu.cn/english/index.html) and the Hanting Hotel. Cost is about US $80-100 per room, including breakfast for two. You register for your room now and pay after arrival. They both take credit cards.


Alternatively, there are Chinese BnB’s (www.zh.airbnb.com) and several cheaper guesthouses (www.booking.com) you could book yourself.

There are also the Elong Hotel, $60 (no BF), two blocks south from South Gate: http://hotel.elong.com/00101173/ and the cheper My Home, north of campus, about 15’ walk to the conference site 


AirBnB has many offerings near BNU (Shifan daxue), $20-50 -- https://zh.airbnb.com