2017 papers

Name: Plet Nathalie

Drive and Qi : contribution of qigong in the processing of addictions





Nathalie Plet has training in both psychoanalysis and Qigong and introduced the use of these two techniques in institutions. Initially, at the psychiatric hospital La Borde, followed by an experimental workshop in day hospital at La Plata in Argentine. At the moment she is working at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital as scientific director on a program of multicentered clinical research (Qica, QIgong Craving Addictions Program).

From the observation of the patients suffering from severe psychic disorganization, Nathalie Plet wondered if a therapeutic action was possible by the practice qigong in particular on the states of mental fixation. From mechanisms in the work in the construction of the psychic device, assuring our subjective life, the capacity to represent itself, this research investigates the possibilities of action the possibiities of representation. Nathalie Plet suggests returning upstream to the driving action by return to the perception.
From both abstract tools of the investigated fields, the drive and qi, the author puts the hypothesis of driving valence of the qi in favour of delivery in movement of the drive of life.

The patients show to have access to mental images, psychic spaces buils up itself.

From the point of view of a research worker, the institutionalization and the cultural inscription of the practice of Qigong requires an analysis of the practice, a supervision of this new experience of one’s self, a high subjective value as well as the analysis of the mechanisms at work in these mind-body techniques.

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