2017 papers

Name: Miomir Arandelovic

Continous Knowledge Development in Organizations and Taoist Wisdom


Fast technological development and worldwide operation integration have imposed a strong pressure on modern companies to stay competitive and continue producing positive business results in the fast changing market. To achieve these goals, companies need to adopt the continuous improvement of its operations. However, due to difficulties to continually grow internal knowledge, organizations often rely on renting the expertise through outsourcing or purchase of external services. While such policies may bring temporary success, it has also been shown that they weaken organizational identity and the position in the field. A number of works have been dedicated to achieving sustainable knowledge growth, however, yet a universally accepted integrative view of the problem has not been established. Based on the inspiration from an ancient Daoist wisdom, the present study attempts to coordinate multiple prior findings and best practices in a holistic framework for the continuous knowledge development in organizations that is both mathematically rigorous and intuitive. The proposed model postulates knowledge generation as one of the core elements of a self-organizing system that contributes to more sustainable operations within an organization as well as to its sustainable success in the field.