2017 papers

Name: Abraham SY POON

一炁弘開闡大道 One Qi Creates the Great Dao: New Perspectives on Daoist Cosmology (Daoism Developing By Holo-Cosmic Qi)



The theory of qi energy was found at bamboo-book of warring states period. HSIAO Chang-ming (1895-1943, was called Great Master as below) presented qi as “Holo-Cosmic Qi” was very appropriated. It also means the cosmos original energy. It is different from acquired material energy. Quantum physics had theory and testing for different kind of energy. Great Master Hsiao combined the holo-cosmic qi and philosophy of twenty characters for healing theory which developing the new chapter of daoism-scientific.
The philosophic of dao at traditional period was holistic and opening. The action of qi was the experience of existential that writing before Qin Dynasty. Great Master Hsiao used the phenomenon of qi and joined the philosophy of twenty characters. Finally he built up the holo-cosmic qigong system. This method gets the energy from holo-cosmic will be unlimited. It will not heart the heath of healer and combined positive body-mind medical and moral philosophy. As the result, it joins practice-healing and the special technology of healing-then-mind for daoism. It is a excellent and brilliant developing daoism the modern time.