Daoist Conference

The international conference on Daoist Studies began in Boston in 2003, under the guidance of Livia Kohn and Liu Xun. Since then, it has convened every one to two years in various locations, alternating between North America, East Asia, and Europe. Each time focusing on a particular theme, it brings together scholars, practitioners, priests, artists, writers, and generally interested people from numerous different countries in a highly dynamic, energizing, and inspiring mix.

     Offering four to five days of panels, discussions, workshops, and roundtables, the Daoist Conference creates an open and cheerful forum for the presentation of new insights and information, the exchange of ideas and visions, and—most importantly—the personal connection of highly diverse people. It often leads to improved publications and has resulted in various edited volumes, but it always, always creates tremendous joy and brings forth new and lasting friendships. 

     For further discussion, please join the Facebook group "Daoist Conference" at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/138554900035174/?ref=bookmarks